Flossy is one lucky SOMA lady. She lives directly across the street from AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants. On occasion, she walks across the street, and watches a few innings of play at the “freebie standing room only” section behind centerfield, located at street level at the back of the ballpark.

So Flossy was eagerly awaiting the return of the Giants 2012 Season. And to mark off this special opening night, there was a FANTASTIC fireworks display (Flossy thought it was even better than the 4th of July fireworks!) after the opening game.

And what a better way to see the fireworks, than to walk down the hall of her condo, out the door and presto…There is was…

Flossy snapped a pic of it with her new I-phone camera from her condo complex.


Flossy has a longtime history of having a love affair with things India! Back during her high school days, she owned a Sitar and tabla. She heard the amazing Ravi Shankar at Lincoln Center, and most recently in Orange County with his star sitar-playing daughter Anoushka. Flossy also sported clothing from India including mirrored blouses.

So, it was no wonder that she flew with lightning speed over to Yerba Buena Center, strategically located in her HOOD! Sunday Jan 15th from 2-8 pm, their public program was called MASALA BOOM. It was an afternoon and early evening event with Room for Big Ideas resident artist Derick Ion and his artistic and spiritual companions. Derick transformed a room into an amazing installation of things from India..with furniture, colorful fabrics of vintage wedding cloths, his own photographs of the outcast society of India, relics, buddhas, shivas etc. It was AMAZING! And Derick gave Flossy her very first Mehndi (an intricate Indian tattoo done with henna dyes) on her left hand. Flossy smiled widely and thanked him profusely. She came back to the room later that afternoon to experience a very spiritual, musical performance by Satya Yuga Players! She was singing/chanting along, moving her body to the intricate rhythms. Flossy was in heaven!

She returned home and stared at her left hand and listened to Ravi and dreamed of a future visit to India 🙂

Part of the MASALA BOOM Installation at Yerba Buena

Flossy was doing a bit of grocery shopping before her holiday trip down to L.A. to visit her mom. It was a beautiful day in her SOMA hood. Even the local street people will agree with her. She had to snap this pic of a man catching some rays on the sidewalk on Harrison and Fourth just right outside of Whole Foods SOMA.




Flossy is very lucky to have one of SF’s Whole Foods grocers near her condo. So, one mild, sunny, fall afternoon as Flossy walked the four blocks to WF’s, she noticed a local diner , obviously a vegetarian, pecking at sliced cucumbers with Russian dressing on the filthy pavement. Flossy’s brisk New York walk didn’t disturb the avian diner, who seemed intent on finishing his meal.

Lucky pigeon feasting on veggies near whole Foods SOMA

On a fashionably foggy Tuesday morning in SOMA/Embarcadero, Flossy disembarked the N Judah @ Folsom to meet her friend Ellen at the Ferry building. On her way, walking along the bay, she wondered… where in the world is the Bay bridge? She captured the eery question on her digital camera. No bridge, no boats, only fog…dense, dense fog. Luckily, the fog finally lifted around 1:30pm, still enough time to enjoy the sun and her walk with Ellen downtown.


Flossy did her Black Friday shopping at the local, trendy, Jeremy’s. It was fun…great bargains, loads of shoppers..and oh yes, the holiday season is now upon us! This was most apparent on her walk home through South Park. There, at the very end of the park block, Flossy shot this photo of one of the buildings all decked out in its holiday finery. Yes, tis the season to be jolly, joyous, jubilent…ahh……. BAH HUMBUG!


Flossy made new friends this morning. Her gym friend, Helen, invited Flossy down to her condo. Helen owns two really cool golden labs, Zoe and Lola. Lola has cancer and must undergo chemo every week. Her sister Zoe, is 13 years old! They all went for a walk to the condo dogpark , where Helen offered to watch her friends dog, Bailey, and then off to Starbucks with the crew.

Flossy had a really cool morning and got to know her wonderful friend, Helen.

New Soma friends, Bailey, Lola and Zoe (seated behind Lola)